Welcome to 11 Honors English and welcome to our wiki. You will want to join us so you can edit pages. Then you, along with your table-mates, will be creating galleries of info, images, and sound to accompany each of the time periods in the navigation bar at the left. This is going to be great-- an ever expanding set of resources.

click on the link below for help with posing questions and to learn their importance. You'll get better research if you ask better questions.
The question is the answer
Anthony Trollope was a great author of the Victorian Era and I like him!

Here is your time period assignment sheet, should you lose yours:

Here are some resources to help you get started:

General Resources:

Norton Online
A People's History of English and American Literature By Eugene V. Moran
Ancient Petitions, Henry III- James I
National Gallery of Art
Internet Library of Online Journals 18th and 19th century
English Literature By Genre
English Literature on the Web
Britannia History
Britannia Timelines
Biographies of Great Men & Women of England
British Museum Online Tours

Applications for Presenting Information:

And here is an online resource just for the creation of timelines-- you might like to include your own timeline in your page.

Photostory is a free download for any computer that has microsoft office. There are so many uses for this that are explained on the "CFF Photostory Wikispace" in the link below and on microsoft's website.
Download Photostory for Free here
CFF Photostory Wikispace This is a great resource that was put together by coaches from another school district in PA. It has examples, tutorials and lots of other great information.
Photo Story Intro.doc

Middle Ages:
Courtly Love
Middle Ages Interactive
Middle Ages

Internet Shakespeare
Renaissance, The Elizabethan World- Life in Tudor England
Renaissance Architecture in England
Renaissance Introduction

Restoration and Enlightenment:
Historical Outline of Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature
Restoration Drama
Utopias of the British Enlightenment By Gregory Claeys
Philosophical Dialogue in the British Enlightenment By Michael B. Prince

Regency and Romanticism:
Introduction to Romanticism
1810-1820: Regency England

Victorian Age:
**Wild Women By Autumn Stephens**
**The Victorian Age: Anthology**
Victorian Web

20th Century:

British Prisoner of War Interviews WWI

Literary Resources — Twentieth-Century British, Irish, and Commonwealth

The Transformation of British Life, 1950-2000 By Andrew Rosen

Click here for links Ms. Graney has bookmarked for us for Beowulf: Beo resources