The Arts
Most arts that is seen in the middle ages is closely related and has strong ties to the church.Weather it be from comedy from Drama the Middle ages had it.Though it delt with the bible most times,the arts exspanded the horizans of art that are still seen in our day to day lives

Entertainment for the Nobility and Mighty
Most entertainment dealt with

  • feats
  • banquets
  • jousting
  • and tournaments
Many postions where made for entertaing those of power
  • Jesters-ment for comedy
  • Mammers-known for danceing
  • Troubadours-jugglers

Entertainment for the towns
  • most plays and enjoyment the towns people got out of their daily lives from the church
  • The biggest of plays where shown around christmas and eastern and where closely related to the biblical stories
  • as the middle ages advanced most plays where put on in the market places for all to see
  • rather then drama the plays now consisted of comedy,love, and heroism


  • In the beginning of the middle ages music was not extremely varied into genres or style or themes
  • most music was just sung and had no instruments in the early church year
  • then the first instrument to be widely used in the middle ages was a organ
  • at the end of the middle ages came the string instruments,brass instrument and percusion
  • most musical thems where associated with the towns peoples hardships-this was known as secular
  • any form of music that was from the church was known as sacred
  • other then these facts little is known about the music in the middle ages since there was no form or evidence of it written down

  • Paintings where of great help to many for the lack of ability to read and poor education
  • all art was important for the influence of books and how the un educated and illiterate could interpret


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