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-Constitutional Monarch
---Head of State
---Head of Executive Branch
---Supreme Governor of Church of England
---Lost much power
---Advised by ministers
-Parliamentary democracy
---House of Commons
----651 MP's
----Local Constituencies
---House of Lords
----1185 Peers/Peeresses
----2 Archbishops
----24 Senior Bishops
--5 years
--18 years old
--Majority system

Early 20th Century
Liberal government elected
---School medical inspections
---Miners work day
---Minimum wage
---National Insurance Act
-Beginnings of Socialism
--Labour parties

Middle 20th Century
-Labour parties on the rise
-Hitler on rise

Late 20th Century
Labour parties take over
--Nationalized industries
--Bankrupt after WWII
-Monarchy more famous
-General loss of power